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Sysco Portland

If you get the chance please do utilize Caroline Brown from JG Neil. We had a full day ride along today and placed 5 new items with 4 accounts. […]

Sysco Spokane

I just wanted to let you know how much myself and our business resource team here at Sysco Spokane appreciate the efforts Cory Gibson put forth to help our […]

Pacific Coast Producers, Market Growth

Jim & Chad

We just want to thank and congratulate JG Neil & Company for your efforts over the past year. Your 16% growth in our FY15 crop year ranked […]

Cheri Hovander – Sysco

I truly enjoy working with Deb. I have not worked with a broker in a very long time that actually works hard for me!  It is a breath of fresh […]

Polo Navarro – Cargill Foodservice

It was great spending some time with all of you last week. I was very impressed with the amount of respect that the distributors and operators have for each […]

Chad Douglas – Alouette Cheese

I wanted to take a moment to compliment your team, and to thank everyone for the incredible effort, focus and success that I’ve seen in the last couple of […]