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Project Description

Full line of premium quality frozen vegetables, Grande Classic specialty vegetables, fruit, Soup Supreme and Pasta Perfect brands.

The story begins in 1924, when an Oregon cooperative of growers formed North Pacific Canners and Packers, and introduced the FLAV-R-PAC® brand that would become the quality standard for vegetables and fruits. Two decades later, the company’s grower-owners led the way in developing America’s newest food processing technology by installing a quick-freezing unit. By the 1950’s, NORPAC frozen and canned products were available across America.

In the 1970’s, NORPAC introduced a new concept to foodservice, ‘value-added’ products. These were products that were already mixed, offering customers two or more vegetables in the same package. It was a first step that would to lead to an array of vegetable blends like the FLAV-R-PAC Beautiful Vegetables, Stir Fry Vegetables and Grande Classics Vegetables, Roasted Vegetables, and Sides you’ll find in this Guide.
Today, NORPAC continues to lead the way, setting ever-higher standards for foodservice. Starting with specially developed seeds, our 250 grower-owner families raise a vast array of crops on thousands of acres in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Carefully controlling each step in the process, NORPAC products now go from harvest in the field, through processing and freezing, to packaging in one of five state-of-the-art processing plants – all in less than 4 hours!